Looking at lunch

Caught our cat Nash staring at this pretty little dove one afternoon. Neither one moved for the longest time. Great entertainment for Nash and I don’t think the dove was aware it was being watched by a predator.


11 thoughts on “Looking at lunch

  1. Patricia,

    This is a fabulous photo!! I chose this to comment on because I adore cats!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

    I am now following you; your pictures are amazing. Maybe you can give me some tips sometime – I was given a camera for Xmas in the hope it will help me to keep using my right hand which is very weak with the MS. So I find it difficult even to press the shutter, therefore my pictures are quite amateurish just now. But I am practicing and in time, maybe, I will improve and be able to take more adventurous pictures. At the moment the camera is set on auto everything while I get used to clicking!! I have taken a few simple ones which accompany some of my poems so that’s progress!


    • Hi Christine. Thank you so much for the comment and compliment! I’ve always loved taking pictures and my husband and I take them all the time. There is beauty in everything.

      I am sorry you are having a difficult time with MS but you have the right attitude and all the creative talent to help. You’re an amazing writer and I know you’ll enjoy picture-taking and become a great photographer.

      Thank you for following my blog and I’d love to keep in touch and help you in any way I can.

      Take care,

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