Reader Appreciation Award

I am very excited that I was nominated for a Reader Appreciation Award. A wonderful fellow blogger mskatykins nominated me–thank you! 🙂  Please visit her at

I started blogging this past January and I enjoy it every chance I get. I love sharing our photographs and adventures and I’ve met some interesting, fun and talented people in the wordpress world. Here is a sampling of some of the blogs I follow and enjoy reading.

Please accept this award, post it on your blog and share it with your favorite bloggers. 

Kary’s Poetic Spirit –a lovely blog filled with amazing poetry. Kary is a talent and I look forward to every post.

blackswanpoetry –another lovely blog with more wonderful poetry.

Nerdy After Thirty: A Late-bloomer’s Awkward Coming of Age –a must read if you’re a late bloomer 🙂

Ditching the Masks –The author, Christi, is so honest and funny. I love her posts.

Mr. Watson –passionate, beautiful poetry. Wow.

Brian Gaynor Photography –Amazing photography by a very talented guy. I love his work.

Mike’s Look at Life –Must-see photography, original haiku, personal essays and so much more. Mike is very popular and you’ll see why.


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