My Canadian Babies

I love it when Canadian Geese stop by our development for a swim or a rest. Three years ago, a couple had babies and I had the pleasure of watching them grow. I loved it! Brian and I would take walks all the time and I would bring along a bag of bread. They enjoyed the treat and the babies started recognizing me and came running toward us when they saw me.  🙂  Brian called me “the feeder.”  I hand fed some of the braver ones and they let me pet them.

They grew up beautifully and flew away, making their way in the world. I miss them and since then, no other couples raised babies in our development but many still stop by for a swim or a rest.


2 thoughts on “My Canadian Babies

  1. Aww, this is lovely, Trish. Great snapshot. CG kind of scare me (almost as much as swans do!) but they are beautiful. I really miss the ducks from Stornoway. This year they had nine babies. The didn’t all survive, which was so sad, but it was so fun to watch them grow – and so fast! 😀

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