Almost Winter



Brian took this picture last Friday night in Ellicott City. It reminds me that Winter is mere days away. I’m not a fan of the season, preferring warmer weather. Which season do you like best?


2 thoughts on “Almost Winter

  1. Fabulous photo, Brian. So stark. Love the contrast between lightness and darkness.

    Good question about the seasons. I’m not keen on winter either, Trish. It’s quite bleak. I think every season holds its own beauty. It’s hard to pinpoint a favourite. The colours of Autumn are beautiful but the lightness in the evenings in summer are refreshing and then the optimism of spring… I don’t know, they’ve each got something great to offer. lol. That wasn’t much help, was it? 😉 Winter is my least favourite, that much I know. Don’t like the treacherous weather.

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