It’s funny how you can live somewhere and never see all of it. We all get stuck in a pattern, going to work, grocery shopping, church etc. and never step outside our little box. Luckily Brian is an explorer and has taught me that seeing new things and places is an education and a big part of life–or should be.

I decided I wanted to see more of our home so one Sunday Brian and I drove the back roads of Ellicott City, the roads that lead to abandoned homes, buildings and a life that only exists now in ruins. I was fascinated by the ruins we drove by. I wonder about the people who once occupied these spaces and if anyone ever will again.

What do you think of these buildings? Would you have gotten out of your car to explore further? Or do they give you a creepy feeling?


2 thoughts on “Ruins

  1. I think these are great photographs. The graffiti always amazes me, simply because I would probably feel too freaked out to stop long enough to do that (not that I’m the type to vandalise things anyway!).

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