Needs a good home



I may have mentioned it before and I will again–I love old trucks, especially a classic Ford like this one with the white “teeth.”

We found this guy on the side of the road while driving to western PA to visit family. I wish I could’ve given this guy a new home but all I could do was snap a few pictures.


Would you buy her?


We saw this vintage doll while we were walking around an antique store over the weekend. Her face is kind of pretty but those hands–there’s something about them that’s creepy. What do you think? Would you buy her?

Car Show




These are just a few of the dozens of shots we took at the Ocean City Car Show in the Spring. It was cloudy but we managed to walk the show before the hard rain hit.

We love classic cars and trucks and hope to own one or two some day. Do you like them? Do you own one now? I’d love to hear about them šŸ™‚

Barn Find


Brian and I went to an auction in Frederick, Maryland over the weekend and this sad looking, one-time beauty was begging for bidders so she could have a new home. We weren’t there when her bidding time came so I don’t know if she found a new home or will just be towed somewhere to die.