Again, we came across more scary dolls in our travels. This time, three of them!


Barn Doll



Discovered this doll in a barn in West Friendship, Maryland. I am not a doll fan and think most are pretty creepy. This one with her age, half closed eyes and teeth takes creepy to a new level.

And, by the way, this is the third doll picture I’ve posted. Brian and I seem to have a knack for finding old, creepy dolls wherever we go.  What do you think of this one?

The Haunted House

Brian and I were in Ocean City, Maryland a couple of weeks ago. While walking along the boardwalk, I spotted the old Haunted House ride and memories from the 80’s and 90’s rushed through my mind. It’s not scary, not even when I was a kid, but so cheesy and so fun. I remember vacationing in Ocean City with friends as adults and we went on the old ride. It hadn’t changed at all and we loved it! It’s been several years and I wonder if the creaks, screams, dummies and dripping blood are still the same. Maybe I’ll check it out next time for nostalgia.



Is there a childhood ride you remember and would love to go on again?

Faceless Doll

I don’t know what’s going on in the world and why Brian and I keep finding these things. Last August I posted a picture of a doll head that we found in the woods in Pennsylvania. She was bruised, battered and mostly hairless. Her body was nowhere to be found. This year, in January, we spotted this poor faceless doll near the water in Key West. We didn’t touch her or check to see what her face looked like or if she still had one at all.

Is there a serial doll killer on the loose?




Do you find this doll creepy? Or do you feel the urge to pick her up and see her face? If you remember the doll head from August, which one do you think is creepiest?

Doll Head

Brian and I went to Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania to visit family last weekend and we had a wonderful time. On Sunday morning, Brian took a walk in the woods by my parents house. On his walk, he came across an odd thing and snapped a picture. Some call it creepy, some say it’s scary and others just laugh. How do you feel when you see it?

Me, I’ve never been a fan of dolls and I was glad that I didn’t take that walk with Brian. This doll head is a thing for nightmares!