Needs a good home



I may have mentioned it before and I will again–I love old trucks, especially a classic Ford like this one with the white “teeth.”

We found this guy on the side of the road while driving to western PA to visit family. I wish I could’ve given this guy a new home but all I could do was snap a few pictures.


Old Dodge

I spotted this old Dodge while we were driving around Northern Cambria, PA and I fell for that face! I love this truck and, like the old Ford I posted a few months ago, I would love to restore it.

Classic Ford Truck

I love classic trucks. One day, Brian and I want to buy an old truck just like this one and restore it. When I spotted this one on the side of the road for sale, I was tempted to buy it. I love its “teeth” and its look that seems to say, “take me home, fix me and let me enjoy the road again.” 🙂