Thanksgiving Light


 Taken on Thanksgiving, in Edgewater Maryland, after our feast.


Eye of the tree


I love old trees–their character and beauty, the years and history they’ve seen and survived. When I saw this one, I was drawn to its “eye.” I had to photograph it to remember and to look at that eye anytime I want.



Brian and I walked through historic Savage, Maryland over the weekend. He remembered swimming with his friends there but it was the first time I had seen the beautiful trees, rocks and water. It’s amazing how you can live somewhere your entire life and still discover places.

Looking like Autumn




When I was a kid, I didn’t like Autumn because it meant I had to say goodbye to my beloved Summer and go back to school. It also meant Winter was right around the corner, a season I still hate today. But I’ve grown to love Autumn with it’s milder weather, beautiful colors and it’s the best season to walk. I snapped these pictures on one of my walks around the neighborhood. I look forward to more color as we move deeper into October.

Do you like Autumn?


Looking up


I took this picture on our last trip to Key West two years ago. I love palm trees and can’t wait to see them again. And it will be soon! Brian and I are taking a much needed break and spending a sunny, warm week in Key West. We’ll be gone next week, relaxing, enjoying the lovely, historic island and snapping lots of new pictures. I will share many of them with you when we return.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week 🙂