Ghost Town


A window to a shop in Historic Ellicott City. Was this random vandalism or something else?


Looking out the window

I’ve had several jobs over the years but one of my favorites was my short stint as a nanny to 2 year-old Dean. This bright, sweet, fun little boy was a joy to spend days with. We taught each other a lot and even though I’m not his nanny anymore, I’m still his friend and I cherish every visit.

The family dog, gorgeous and wonderful Baghera (Baggie for short) was a plus for an animal lover like me. The three of us took walks, played around the house and enjoyed our time together. I’ve never met a dog as patient, smart and loving as Baggie is to Dean. All dogs should be as amazing as Baggie is.

I took this picture one morning. Both child and dog love this window in the kitchen where they can watch for mom, dad, visitors and the abundance of wildlife in the yard. I found the pair at this window frequently 🙂